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Sandra Lee
March 16 1955
Clarkston Washington

Russell Edward Bratton
db 12/23/1915 Cinn. OH dd 7/16/1996 LasVegas Nv
Married August 16 1954 Reno Nv
Mary Ella Stewart/Bratton
db 5/18/1920 Pocatello Id dd 2/4/1995 LasVegas Nv

Grace Hayes/Stewart
db 12/20/1887 Evanston Wy
dd 2/12/1920 Pocatello Id
Mother of
Mary Ella

Cornelius Jones Stewart
db 2/17/1884 Hamilton Mont.
dd 12/10/1928 Logan Ut
Married Grace Hayes 4/28/1904 Evanston Wy
Father of
Mary Ella Stewart/Bratton

William Hayes
db 11/11/1842 Dowless S.Wales died in Canada
Nancy Mary
db 12/10/1848 Portsmouth England
dd 6/21/1921 Los Angeles Calif.
Father & Mother of
Grace Hayes/Stewart
note:Nancy's father was James Mathew Stuart
James died 9/30/1854 Dedford Kent England of
Cholera. He was an engineer in the Royal Navy.

Grace Hayes/Stewart
Mother of
Mary Ella Stewart/Bratton

Nancy Mary Winters
db 7/28/1826 London England dd 9/19/1896 Utah
Mother of Nancy Mary

Henry Barrett
Husband of Nancy Mary
Winters/Stuart Barrett

Nancy's parents were Thomas and Mary Winter.

Her mother died when she was young, and her father re~married. He was a sailor and was away from home for long periods of time. Once while he was gone, Nancy's stepmother put Nancy and her brother James John in an orphanage. When her father returned home, he got the children from the orphanage and brought them back home. Nancy's father died when she was 14.

Nancy worked as a nursemaid in a home. The lady she worked for, was kind to her. She taught her to cook and sew and keep house.