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Sandra Lee


When My Sister and I were little
we sometimes used to fight:
she'd read my secret diary
and I would scratch and bite.

If she pulled up the window shade
I would want it down;

If she wore short pajamas
I'd wear a long nightgown.

But then we learned it's better
to have a sister-friend,
someone beside you in the dark,
someone to hold your hand.

Now we're glad my hair is long
and hers is short and curled.
The difference doesn't matter:
we're two against the world.

My Sister

My sister is my heart.
She opens doors to rooms
I never knew were there,
Breaks through walls
I don't recall building.
She lights my darkest corners
With the sparkle in her eyes.
My sister is my soul.
She inspires my wearied spirit
To fly on wings of angels
But while I hold her hand
My feet never leave the ground.
She stills my deepest fears
With the wisdom of her song.
My sister is my past.
She writes my history
In her eyes I recognize myself,
Memories only we can share.
She remembers, she forgives
She accepts me as I am
With tender understanding.
My sister is my future.
She lives within my dreams
She sees my undiscovered secrets,
Believes in me as I stumble
She walks in step beside me,
Her love lighting my way.
My sister is my strength
She hears the whispered prayers
That I cannot speak
She helps me find my smile,
Freely giving hers away
She catches my tears
In her gentle hands.
My sister is like no one else
She's my most treasured friend
Filling up the empty spaces
Healing broken places
She is my rock, my inspiration.
Though impossible to define,
In a word, she sister.

Poem by Lisa Lorden

I Would Like To Dedicate
This Page To My Sweet Sister
Who Has Been My...
Bestfriend and My Rock!
I Am So Thankful For...
All The Help and Support
You Have Shown Me During
The Most Critical Times In My Life,
When You Knew I Needed It Most!
I Don't Think You Realize...
Just How Much I Admire and Respect You!
And I Would Also Like You To Know
That I Admire Your Intelligence.
You've Come Such A Long Ways...
From "The Little Girl I Remember"
and You Haven't Let "The Barriers"
That We Have Lived & Learned In
Our Childhood Stop You.
Even To This Day, You Continue
To Strive To Learn New Things
To Better Yourself.
You Often Put Your Own Needs Aside
And You Are Always The First
Person To Reach Out
To Help Others.
Thank You Sis,
For Being A 2nd Mother
To My Children and Being There
For Them...
When I Couldn't Be The Mother
They Needed Me To Be.

Sandy Was Born
March 16th 1955
In Clarkston Washington
To Russell and Ella Bratton
She Was Baptized In The
LDS Church at Lewiston Idaho
In 1963
She Attended Grade School and
Junior High And Senior High
School In Lewiston Idaho
She Graduated From
Lewiston Senior High School 1973
She Attended Beauty College
In Spokane Washington
She Also Was A Manager At
`Sambo's Resturant` In Spokane
During `The World's Fair`.
In 1974 Sandy Married Her
High School Sweetheart...
Greg Moser At Lewiston Idaho
They Divorced In The Early 1980's
But Still Remain Close Friends.
Sandy and Greg together Had A Son
Anthony (Tony) Edward Moser
Tony Was Born July 25th 1976
At Lewiston Idaho.
Ouite Sometime After Her Divorce
While Managing A Resturant In
Moses Lake Washington
Sandy Met Robert Hudlow
They Married and Moved To
The Tri~Cities Area In Washington State
This Is Where Their Son
Thomas Robert Hudlow Was Born in 1981.
Sandy Wanted To Be At Home With Her
So She Started Her Own Daycare Business
And Within A Few Years She Also Started
Her Own `Gift Basket` Business.
She Also Completed A Home
Decorators Course
Later On Sandy Began and
Completed Classes To Recieve Her
Realtors License.
Even As Busy As She Was...
She Still Made Time For Her Son's
She Was Very Invovled With Her Son's
School, Football, Baseball and Scout Activities.
She managed To Find The Time...
To Donate Her Time & Seamstress
Skills, To The Parks & Recreation
To Mend All Of The Jerzee's That
Were In Need Of Repair That All
Of The Team Players Wore!
Among All Of This...
She Still Took Care Of Her
Family's Home and Beautifully
Landscaped Yard That She
and Her Husband Bob Did By

Whew!!!...Sandy I'm Getting Tired
Just Writing Down All Of The Things
You've Done So Far!!!...
and I Haven't Mentioned Half Of
Them Yet!!!


Mother of Sandy

Mary Ella Stewart/Bratton
born May 18,1920
Pocatello Idaho
died Jan 4,1995
LasVegas Nev

Father of Sandy

Russell Edward Bratton
born Dec 23,1915
Cincinatti Ohio
died July 16,1996
LasVegas Nev
married 1954 Reno Nevada

Grace Hayes/Stewart(top left)
born Dec 20,1886 Evanston Wy.
died Feb 12,1924 Pocatello Idaho
married April 24,1904
Cornelius Jones Stewart (top right)
born Feb 17,1884 Hamilton Mont
died Dec 10,1928 Logan Utah
mother of Cornelius (center right)
Abigail Mariah Reed Jones/Stewart
born 1857 Michigan
died 1937 Logan Utah
William Hayes born Nov 11,1842
Dowless South Wales
died in Canada
Nancy Mary Stuart/Hayes
born Dec 10,1848
Portsmouth England
died June 21,1921 Los Angeles Ca.
Nancy Mary Winter Stuart/Barrett
mother of Nancy Mary Stuart
Henry Barrett
born abt. 1806
2nd Husband of
Nancy Mary Winter
married July 8,1860