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Tuesday Nov 17,1942
Front Page

Railroad Man Accidently Killed In Local Yards

Misjudging the speed of a string of cars which were being switched in the local yards, Owen E. Bratton,53,switchman, was almost instantly killed when he was thrown from the car on which he was riding onto the tracks below, five and a half cars passing overhis legs below the hips, it was thought. There were no witnesses to the accident which occurred at 10:30 Sunday night almost in front of the depot. Mr. Bratton came to Salida with his wife and son, Russell, about a month ago from Martinez, California. He had previous railroad experience. Funeral arrangements are waiting the arrival of a son, James K. Bratton, of Pocatello, Idaho, and a daughter, Mrs. Meryl Flockhart of San Francisco. Besides his wife and three children Mr. Bratton is survived by nine grand-children.

(note: taken from copy of Salida Record Newpaper~ transcribed by Debra Bratton/Weatherbee)



Monday November 16,1942

~ Front Page ~


Owen E. Bratton, 53, railroad switchman, was instantly killed at 10:30 o'clock last night in the yards of the Rio Grande railroad while switching a string of box cars. There where no witnesses to the accident but it was believed that Mr. Bratton was riding some cars when the string hit another car, the sudden jar throwing him between the couplings and then to the ground where he was run over by the wheels. Five and a half cars passing over his body. Both legs were amputated close to the hips. Mr. Bratton had lived in Salida only a month but was said to have been an experienced switchman. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Belle Bratton, three children, Russell E. Bratton of Salida also a switchman; Mrs. Merle Flockhart of San Fransisco and James K. Bratton of Pocatello, Idaho. Nine grandchildren also survive. No funeral arrangements have been made. The body is in care of Stewart Mortuary. During their short stay here, Mr. and Mrs. Bratton resided at the Williams hotel.

(note: taken from copy of Salida Daily Mail Newspaper ~ transcribed by Debra Bratton/Weatherbee )

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