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Nancy Mary's Life Story

Nancy Mary Winter was born in London England July 28,1826 to Thomas and Mary Winter. He mother died when she was a small child; her father married again.

Her father was a sailor and was away from home long periods of time. Once while he was gone, her stepmother put Nancy and her brother, James John, in an orphanage. When her father returned home, he got the children from the orphanage and brought them home. When Nancy was 14 her father died.

She went to work as a nursemaid in a home. The lady she worked for was good to her, teaching her to cook,sew, and keep house. She even sent her to night school.

When she was older, she was a maid in the John William Stuart home. The Stuart's were educated, uppity people.

Their son, James Mathew Stuart fell in love with Nancy and they got married on February 22,1848. They joinedthe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in England on March 24,1848. The Stuart family was nt too happy about their son's marriage to a servant, especially after they joined the church. They were provided a large brick home in Dedford,Kent England. they had four children; Nancy Mary Stuart was the oldest.

James Mathew Stuart was an engineer in the Royal Navy. After about seven years of marriage, he was stricken with cholera and died September 30,1854 when he was only 28 years old.

Henry Barrett was an older man (20 years her senior) that promised to James that he would take care of Jame's family. He married Nancy Mary Winter Stuart on July 8, 1860; he had eight living children of his own, most of them married. He also joined the church. They worked and saved to go to America. Several of the older children were able to go to America on the church emigraton plan. In June of 1868, they all left England with a group of saints on the John Bright sailing vessel, named after the captain of the ship. This vessel had three decks. The second was used for the passengers and many times the waves washed over the sides making it wet and cold. They arrived in America six weeks, four days later. They traveled from New York to Laramie, Wyoming by train. It was the first company to make this trip by train. They then traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah with a company of saints led by Harton D. Haight. Nancy and Henry had three children: Minnie, Martha, and William Arthur. They settled in Farmington in May of 1869. Nancy died Sept 19, 1896.

Nancy Mary Winter
born July 28,1826
London England
~ mother of ~
Nancy Mary Stuart

Sailing of the John Bright 1868

On June 4,1868 the packet ship "John Bright" sailed from Liverpool, England, with 722 Saints under the direction of James McGaw. The company arrived at New York July 13, 1868 and at Laramie City,Wyoming on the Union Pacific Railroad, 573 miles west of Omaha, July 23rd 1868. This was the first company to make this trip by train. They then traveled on to Salt Lake City.