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Grace Hayes


Life Story
Grace Hayes

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The Life Story
Lerena Stewart
Grace's Daughter

Grace Hayes was born December 20, 1886 in Evanston Wyoming to Wiliam Hayes and Nancy Mary Stuart. Grace was a very stately soft-spoken woman. She had a dark complexion, dark hair and big beautiful hazel green eyes.

Her father was born Nov 11,1842 in Dowless Wales and her mother was born Dec 10, 1848 in Portsmouth England.

~ William and Nancy Had 11 Children ~

(1.)William Jr. 8/14/1870 Bountiful Utah ~ dd 12/31/1938
(2.)Jane 7/5/1872 Bountiful Utah ~ dd 4/21/1920
(3.)Sara Elizabeth 10/3/1874 Almy Utah ~ dd 3/30/1929
(4.)George James 9/27/1876 Almy Utah ~ dd 1918
(5.)John Thomas 11/6/1878 Almy Utah ~ dd 4/4/1882
(6.)Joseph Hyrum 12/25/1880 Almy Utah ~ dd 1897
(7.)Mrinther Rebecca 2/2/1883 Almy Utah ~ dd 8/1969
(8.)Martha 12/30/1885 Almy Utah ~ dd 5/12/1888
(9.)Grace 12/20/1886 Evanston Wyoming ~ dd 2/12/1924
(10.)Franses Ann 2/7/1889 Almy Utah ~ 10/5/1954
(11.)Hazel 9/11/1893 Georgetown Idaho ~ dd 7/8/1918

Grace's father worked in the mines in Laramie Wyoming.

Grace's mother was a heavy set, short, squatty woman. She ran a boarding house in Laramie. This is where some of Lerena's aunts met their spouses through different men that boarded there.

Grace had a job, and had to turn over her paycheck to her mother, when she received it.

It was expected in those days that when you were old enough to work, you helped pay the bills.

Grace's father William, didn't make enough money in the mines, and Nancy was trying to keep the boarding house running, but it wasn't enough. The kids had to work to help out.

Grace had a hard life as a girl. She would go down to the mill in Wyoming, and mix bread from the ground wheat.

Mining was hard on Grace's fathers health, and so he decided he couldn't take it anymore. There oldest son William Jr. was moving to Canada and wanted his parents to move with him. Grace's father wanted to go but her mother refused to, so they parted company.

~ When Grace Hayes and Carl Stewart Met ~