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~~ 5/18/1920 ~ 1/4/1995 ~~

Oh Mother how I miss you dearly
I can't believe You're gone!
But I somehow feel you near me
comforting me when I feel alone.

I want you to know how greatful I am
for all the things you've done...

You showed me how to be
strong and compassionate
and to be gentle and kind
to always think of others
and to lend a helping hand.

You taught me to be truthful
and that I always should.

You taught me to have courage
to do what I believed in.
That nothing is impossible...
don't let go of my dreams.

I got my strength from watching you
because you weren't afraid to try...
You weren't afraid of failing
You'd give it all your might...
You would just keep at it
until you got it right!

I always loved Your Spirit
so strong and full of fight...
You fought for what you believed in
even when other's thought
you weren't right.

You taught me lessons I needed to learn
At that time I didn't understand.
I thought that I knew everything
that I would ever need to know.
But you were teaching me lessons
you learned from your own mistakes.

I see this with my own children now
I try to help them understand.

Like you tried teaching me
in your own special way
I try to remember those lessons now
just as they were taught to me.
In hopes that my Children learn
all what they need to know.

To help them be a better person
and to help them grow.

Yes I am now a Mother too
and I totally agree...

That these things are real important
in our children's lives,
in helping them to be...
The kind of person
"The Lord" would like for them to be.

My friends all dearly loved you
they would always tell me so
and they would always say
how lucky I was to have
you as my "Mom".

Dear Mother I realize now
Oh so right they were
My only wish now Mom is
that you didn't have to go
Oh Mother I so dearly miss you
I just wish that you were here with me.

I'll tell you a little bit about Mary Ella Stewart/Bratton ~ She was known to everyone as Ella Mae. She was very talented and loved to have fun! Mom loved to grow flowers and vegetables. She always had a garden every year and her yard was full of beautiful flowers. She surely had a "green thumb"! She canned the fruits & vegetables she grew, every fall.

Mom loved to sew and make doll lamps. She also collected dolls. She had a collection of well over 300 dolls. She enjoyed doing all kinds of Arts & Crafts.

Mom loved to fish...more than Dad! She liked to go camping and picnicing with family...the more the people the better!

She had a real sense of Humor.....Mom loved to play jokes...and laughed when the jokes were on her!

But... Mostly she loved her Family...her husband Russ (he was her Best Friend) and...her Children and Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren!

Mom...Always let us All know how much she Loved Us... And We All Loved Her very much too!!! And.....We Miss Her!!!

   Stewart   Family   Tree  

~ Mary Ella Stewart ~

Mary Ella Stewart ~ bn May 18, 1920 Pocatello, Bannock Co. Idaho ~ died Jan 4, 1995 Lasvegas, Clark Co. Nevada ~ buried ~ Normal Hill Cemetery, Lewiston, Nezperce Co. Idaho

FATHER: Cornelius Jones Stewart bn ~ Feb 17, 1884 Hamilton, Mont. ~ died ~ Dec 10, 1928 Logan, Cache Co. Utah

MOTHER: Grace Hayes bn ~ Dec 20, 1886 Evanston, Uinta Co. Wyoming ~ died ~ Feb 12, 1924 Pocatello, Bannock Co. Idaho ~ marr: April 28, 1904 Evanston, Wyoming

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