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This was written by Jennifer L. Harris 1/3/1994

"My Little Angel"

My Little Angel can sleep on the stars
within Gods view and in his arms.

My Little Angel you will always be
even though your face I've never gotten to see.

Please come into my dreams every night
so you can forever be in my reach
and in my sight.

You're My Little Angel up above
that will look down on all of us
and shower us with Gods love.

My Little Angel sleep sound on those stars
that shine so bright...
while I dream about being with you...
every night.

Jennifer wrote "Good Night" in dedication of her first baby that she miscarried and she called "Baby T"
It was written 11/11/1993

"Good Night"

Pains in my side and tears in my eyes.

Are the two reasons...
I went into the bedroom to slip out of sight.

My face hidden in the pillow so no one could see me cry.
As my heart had just fell out of body and I felt like I had just died.

Three weeks have past since that heart breaking night...
of loosing my Baby...
I Love You "Baby T"
Good Night!

Jennifer wrote this 12/4/1993

"Heaven Needs Children Too"

Small little blessings sent from up above
wrapped in blankets...
covered with Gods security and undying love.

He trusts you with these precious lives,
in hopes you'll treat them right.

His love is so strong for these little children
that my baby was sick inside me and died,
but was still excepted by him and in his arms
my baby will always be perfect and alive.

Just like I'd read one night
while I was feeling sad...
were these words that made me realize
my baby's life was good
and will always be in Gods hands.

Just like on earth...
"Heaven Needs Children Too".

Jennifer wrote this one about child abuse

"What's The Deal?"

A voice to tiny to be heard
and a body to tiny to be seen
are many ways this little boy feels
when he's beaten so badly
he can barely let out a faint scream.

His little eyes are blackened way beyond belief
but still nobody will help him leave.

He's to little to do any real harm
unlike the people that don't report the bruises
that cover his upper arms.

Not even old enough to go to school...
how can she let this man beat her little boy,
how can they be so cruel?

Bruises on his face, slightly covered with makeup and broken bones that will never be able to heal.

A lifeless little boy that lay in coffin...
the only safe place...
he's ever had the chance to feel.
So, What's the Deal"?

Jennifer wrote and dedicated this poem to her cousin Sarah B. 11/12/1993

A teenage girl that I know well
gets into trouble all by herself.

She's a very sweet girl, especially to me
but I wish her selfisness she could see.

Her parents try with all their might
but in her eyes they're never right.

I know she loves them...
at times you can see it in her touch,
but she treats them like they aren't worth much.

When she is sad or needs a hand,
the first people she calls on...
is Mom and Dad.

I'm not quite sure if she truely understands
how much they do love her
or whether she really doesn't care.

She thinks that everything is unfare,
but what will she think...
when they are no longer here.

Jennifer wrote this about me!... Debra Weatherbee 11/13/1993 ( I Love You Too Jen )

A star will shine forever in my heart
for the woman I love, so dear.
Even when rain falls, it will never disappear.

The never ending love...
that will always be for me,
is from my Mommy I love so much,
I'm sure everyone can see.

My Mom is so great when I need her...
and when I'm sad.
Because she talks to me until...
I don't feel so bad.

I love her with all my heart...
just like she did when I was born,
from the very start.

Jennifer wrote this poem about her Aunt Judy Grogan

Her heart is just like Candy Canes
that make your body warm.
She talks to you when somethings wrong
and holds you in her arms.

Your secrets are safe with her
no matter what they are.
She never critisizes me for them
and excepts the way you are.

She's always been there for me
and thankful I'll always be,
for she has always meant so much to me.

And I will always thank her very much
for giving me that "Special Auntie" touch!

Jennifer wrote this 12/9/1993

The little girl lay on her bed
lit up by the nights moonlight,
as she begins to say her prayers,
before she goes to sleep for the night.

"Please let me die God,
because I miss my Mommy alot.
"She is all I ever think about...
and all I really got.

I know I'm really young
and my life has just begun.
But just because I'm only 7...
is no reason why I can't be with my Mommy
up in Heaven, Amen".

As she woke up the next day
she saw a letter by her leg.

"My little girl, I love you so,
but this is not your time to go.

I know you miss me...I miss you too.
But remember Sweetie, we'll be together again soon.
Until then, I'll always be right There With You".

Jennifer wrote this 11/9/1993

To hear the music of two hearts full of love
from a teenage romance that has just become.

To hear the sound of the whispering trees
this young man looks in her eyes...
before he drops down to his knees.

She sees the single teardrop upon his cheek
as he looks up at her and begins to speak.

To be with you is all I need,
for without you girl...
my heart will forever bleed.

She looks down at him with tears in her eyes.
As she says, "I love you too and starts to cry".

To see their love last through these years...
from their teenage romance to their golden years.

Jennifer wrote this 9/3/1993

Home alone and a little scared
she decided to go and wash her hair.

All done, but still a little spooked
she sat down on the couch...

the stereo could barely be herd.
She whispered to herself,
"Stop acting like a nerd".

She layed across the couch
and began feeling better,
because she began feelng tired
instead of feeling scared.

Her eyes closed...
and she fell into a deep sleep,
as a boy entered through a window
not making a peep.

He happened to go to the living room first,
but to his surprise...
a girl layed there fast asleep.

He left her alone
but took everything worth value
out from under nose,
without getting caught.

Just like the 10 year olds Daddy had taught.