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I Would Like To Dedicate This Page To
My Sweet Sister Sandy
Who Has Been My...Bestfriend and My Rock!
I Am So Thankful For...
All The Help and Support You Have Shown Me During
The Most Critical Times In My Life,
When YOU Knew I Needed It Most!
I Don't Think You Realize...
Just How Much I Admire and Respect You!
And I Would Also Like You To Know
That I Admire Your Intelligence.
You've Come Such A Long Ways...
From "The Little Girl I Remember"
and You Haven't Let "The Barriers" That We Have Lived
and Learned In Our Childhood Stop You.
Even To This Day, You Continue
To Strive To Learn New Things To Better Yourself.
You Often Put Your Own Needs Aside
And You Are Always The First Person To Reach Out
To Help Others.
Thank You Sis, For Being A 2nd Mother
To My Children and Being There For Them...
When I Couldn't Be The Mother They Needed Me To Be.