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Born October 9, 1989 - Lewiston, Idaho

Judy was born on the exact day she was due. What
she is most excited about at the moment is
starting at a brand new school this fall. Mario
and Joanne Monaco Middle School is opening it's
doors for the first time this school year and
Judy gets to break it in along with the other
kids in her class, along with a few 7th and 8th

Harry Potter Rules!

Harry Potter is, in my opinion, the best book
there ever was and ever will be for a kid or an
adult to read. The series is fun for all ages,
that's why I love it so much. Click on the
picture to see information about the new movie.

Justin Timberlake: Judith's Guy!
You wanna have the best, too bad, you can't have
him, HE'S MINE!! Get it? Got it? Good!! Just
kidding, I really like Justin because I hear so
many good things about him, and he's the cutest
guy on the planet. I think he's so nice and cute
because his music changes everything for me, I
get lost in his world, it's so cool.
Preteen life can be a nightmare with siblings,
but I love 'em anyway.

Judy's Poem


What follows is a poem by my daughter Judy, 11 years old.  It may not be keats or longfellow, but it does a great job of telling how she feels about what has happened, and how she feels about this great country we live in.


Though our nation is under stress,
We have to show the world our best
By picking up all our rubble
And catching those whose caused this trouble
As a nation we unite
So we may help those in this fight.
We will not rest til we've found
Those who have sunk lower than the ground.
Our country's called the USA
So leave it alone,
or you will pay.
We might be black,
We might be white
We might be Mexican
But I know deep down in our hearts,
We're all AMERICAN.

  By Judith Kay Copenhaver Las Vegas NV 11 Years Old