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Sandra Renee Copenhaver


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Born: May 6, 1991 - Lewiston, Idaho
Sandy is our middle child, and is as precocious
as she can be. Very bright, and mischevious, you
never really know what she will come up with

I love cats.
They're fuzzy and some are really beautiful.
Some even like dogs.
My cats are special to me, my favorite is
Snowball who was abandoned.

 I go to Edwards Elementary School in Las Vegas.
I have lot's of friends there. My teachers are
Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Larue, and Miss Lisa. They
have a giant playground and they have a really
cool snack bar that I buy ice cream from. I have
a lot of fun there, and I really like it there.

My Hobbies Are:

Bike Riding
Watching Movies

I like taking care of my cats and I like playing
with my friends. I like to help my mom cook
dinner, but I don't like chores very much. I
sometimes tease my sister and brother.


My dad says I'm too young
to have a boyfriend. But
I say I kinda have one already.
He's nice and I'm not telling
you all his name.


N'sync really sounds cool.
I like Justin the most.
The first time I heard them,
they stole my heart.


My favorite Pokemon in Pikachu.
I think Ash is cute.
I like the TV show a lot,
it's my favorite.
I think Team Rocket is funny,
and I think James is kinda
cute too.