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Gerald Emmet
Lawrence Copenhaver


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Born December 15, 1992
Las Vegas, Nevada

Gerry was born at nearly
midnight after several hours
of false starts.
He had the loudest set of
lungs we had ever heard
with a Thick mop of jet
black hair on his head.


Diablo is a cool game,
you should check it out

My character is a Warrior
named Galish Hellstrom.
He is really tough, and
has a lot of great items.

Have you heard of a Liger?
A liger is the child of a
male lion and a female tiger.
The child of a male tiger
and a female lion is called
a Tigon.

Click on the picture for
more information.


My favorite Pokemon is
Pokemon are cool because
they have great evolvements
like Charizard and Blastoise.