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The Kodeman Page


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A note about who Kody Harris was, and is...
On June 26, 1996,
Kody was born in critical condition. He wasn't
breathing and had a maconium stain.
Within 1 week he had a blood transfusion, heart
caths, internal bleeding, and put on 100% oxygen,
yet he still was only breathing in the low 90's.

Kody was diagnosed with the genetic syndrome
"Trisomy15q21" the only child known to have
this to date.

He had a severe heart defect that included
Dialated Aortic Valve and Severely Thickend
Mitrial Valve.

These were somewhat repaired in May 1999
with open heart surgery.
He also had surgery on his neck for what they
thought was Torticolis but ended up being
something the Dr. had never seen in his career.

He had a double hernia surgery, he couldn't walk,
talk, sit, or crawl but he could roll everywhere!

Kody's smile would brighten the lives of
everyone who ever saw him, but his biggest
smiles were for his daddy, Kevin.

He was looked after constantly by his parents, his grandmother, his aunt, his cousins and many,
many other family members not living in his
loving home.

On December 2, 1999,
in the arms of his mother,
Kody breathed his last breath, and was taken

None of us who ever knew Kody will ever forget
He has left a legacy behind him, that will persevere with all who ever had even the most
fleeting contact with him.
If I never live to see love and courage again,
I know I saw it in him.

We will all miss Kody, for the rest of our lives,
but we are so happy to know that his heart is
well, he is running, laughing,
climbing trees and all that little boy stuff,
and we know too that in the cool of the evening,
when The Lord comes looking for his little man,
Kody will run with all his might to throw himself
into Jesus' arms.

How do we know this, we just do, that's enough.

By Gerry Copenhaver
(with excerpts from Jennifer Harris)

Kody Loved His Family

He always looked to his parents

and loved to cuddle his sister, Jazzy.


by Jennifer Harris, Kody's Mom

"Let it be" what it's now become... if we could just somehow explain to our hearts.... this is what needs to be done. "Let it be"....has never hurt this bad.... when we've spoke these same words in the past.... So why the Hell does it hurt like this? When will it ease up....if I may ask? "Let it be" a hard thing for us to do.... when in the end means....we'll be losing you. You have given us all so much.... and when I start to miss you more than I can bare... it will be your smile.... your giggle.... and your sweet little soul... that helps me get through the pain.... that only a parent and loved one could know. When I said my prayers to GOD last night... tears began to fall.... I told him all my fears .... and how we all knew your name he will soon call. A gentle hand then touched my shoulder and instantly I knew.... that it was the LORD comforting me.... as only he would know how to do He held me in his arms and just let me cry .... the tears of pain, fear and helplessness that I've felt for the last few years. It was then that he told me....that I should just
"Let it be" for when KODY passes away....he will be up in Heaven, holding his hand .... waiting for the rest of the family.

Pat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake

Playing with cousin Kyree brightens Kody's day.

I Love You Mom.

Thanksgiving 1998, Kody shares a special moment with his mom.

So Long Kody.... We know we'll see you again when you can tell us all the neat stuff you're doing now that you are home.