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What Do We Like To Do?

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We narrowed it down to three main things we like to do with our spare time. For Gerry it's computer games, reading and wrestling. For Vicky it's reading and chatting in the computer. We both love a good movie as well.

Anne McAffrey:
Gerry AND Vicky's favorite author. Ms. McAffrey
is a fantastic writer who paints larger than
life, yet real tapestries on strange exotic
worlds. Any book written by this master of
fantasy is well worth your time and attention.
Dragonsinger, 2nd in the Harper Hall of Pern
Series by Anne McAffrey

  Download ICQ for free:
We have friends from every corner of the globe
on ICQ. It runs independently from your web
browser and is great fun.
Gerrys # is 2667095 and
Vicky's # is 44964618
ICQ, over 99,000,000 users worldwide.

  Star Trek Voyager:
It took us a long time to warm up to a new Star
Trek spinoff, but we love this one. Great
stories, but alas, it's over (or nearly so at the
time of this writing). Oh well, such is life. :-)
Star Trek Voyager