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Family Appropriate Attractions


Homestead Page | About Us | Photo Page | Hobby Page | The Kodeman Page | Judy's Page | Sandy's Page | Jerry's Page | Contact/Guestbook | Links | Family Activities/Sites in Vegas  Las Vegas is a whole lot more than gambling.

We have actually had people ask us, "where do the
people live that work in the casinos?" Contrary
to some peoples misguided belief, Las Vegas is a
thriving city all its own. While gambling and
casinos is still the mainstay, there are lots of
things for the family to see and do, even on the
strip itself. We are happy to live in Las Vegas,
the schools have been very good to our children,
and there is a lot of opportunity for all of us
hear to live and learn.


Probably our favorite place to go as a family.
Spend the whole day riding the Royal Flush,
Raging Rapids, Der Stuka, Bombay, or just a
relaxing trip around the park on the Lazy River.
We pack a picnic lunch, lot's of sunscreen and
spend the whole day for one low price.

The Adventuredome

Located behind Circus Circus, The Adventure Dome
is one huge playground for kids.
With rollercoaster, logflumes, lazer tag and
giant screen experiences, it's a full family day
of fun.

Circus Circus Midway

Circus Circus still offers FREE circus acts of
all shapes and sizes on its Midway. You will also
find one of the best arcades in the city.The

Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy

Lions and Tigers and Dolphins, OH MY... One of
the kids' favorite places in Las Vegas. A guided
tour is offered for the Dolphin Habitat, then a
self guided tour through the Secret Garden where
you will find LOTS of big cats (not just white
tigers) and even an elephant or two.

Star Trek: The Experience

Located inside the Las Vegas Hilton, The Star
Trek Experience allows you to be beamed onto the
bridge of a Federation Starship. You can also
walk the promenade of DS9 and even get a drink and a bite to eat at Quarks.

Sharks In Desert?

The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is home to over
100 types of animals, including 11 breeds of
sharks, giant sea tortoises, golden crocodiles
and a whole lot more. The kids LOVE this stuff.


This is a great spot to find a HUGE list of
things to see and do in Las Vegas, as well as
cost, hours of operation and a description of
each venue.