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By Jennifer Lee Harris

Written in Memory
Of Her Son
Kody Lee Harris

Jennifer wrote this 1 week before Kody past away

"Let it be" .... is what it's now become... if we could just somehow explain to our hearts.... this is what needs to be done.
"Let it be".... has never hurt this bad.... when we've spoke these same words in the past.... So why the Hell .... does it hurt like this? When will it ease up.... if I may ask?
"Let it be".... is a hard thing for us to do.... when in the end means.... we'll be losing you.
You have given us all so much.... and when I start to miss you more than I can bare....
It will be your smile.... your giggle.... and your sweet little soul... that helps me get through the pain.... that only a parent and loved one could know.
When I said my prayers to GOD last night... tears began to fall.... I told him all my fears .... and how we all knew your name he will soon call.
A gentle hand then touched my shoulder and instantly I knew.... that it was the LORD comforting me.... as only he would know how to do.
He held me in his arms and just let me cry .... the tears of pain, fear and helplessness that I've felt for the last few years.
It was then that he told me.... that I should just.... " Let it be"
For when KODY passes away.... he will be up in Heaven holding his hand .... waiting for the rest of the family.

( written by: Jennifer L.Harris KODY'S MOM )



This is a story about a little girl name Cali and her cousin Kyle.
It was a warm clear day. So, Cali was outside swinging on the homemade swing tied to a big maple tree in the field behind her house. She loved to swing with her cousins. But alot has changed lately. She wished she could swing all day, if only her mommy would just let her.

At 7 years old, she acts older for her age so she has a hard time playing with kids her own age. Especially after her little cousins death.
Since Kyle has died, she spends most of her time out back swinging by herself, like today.

Kyle was only 31/2 years old, when he died from heart problems that he had since he was born.
Cali took it harder than the other kids. Because they were closer to each other than any of the other kids were. They would play their own special games and Cali could make Kyle laugh just by playing peek-a-boo with her shirt. Kyle loved to play with her hair while she sat and watched cartoons, he loved to do little things like that. Cali knew he was sick. But like the rest of the family, she didn't think he would die, or at least die so young.

She wanted to go to the funeral. And at first she was having trouble going up to where he was lying in his casket. Then two other cousins went up to see him. Her Aunt Julie, Kyles mom was up there now, and they had always been close, so Cali decided to go up there too. Cali did very well. She knew he was in a better place and heard that GOD had taken all of Kyles problems and pain away.

Cali was starting to miss Kyle more lately, and there were some things she just didn't understand.
So while she was swinging, she decided to ask GOD about some things she didn't understand.

"Why did you let Kyle be born so sick GOD"? Cali asked, while she looked up at the sky and kicked her feet faster to make the swing go higher. "Why didn't you fix him so he could play like me, Adam, Sheldon,Mandy and Holly can"? she asked still looking in the sky.
"And why did you let him cry and hurt so much too GOD"? A tear rolled down her cheek as she spoke.
"I miss him GOD, when can I see him again?" she sadly asked, while she wiped the tears from her face. "Why do kids die, why not just old people like Grandpa Jack?"

Cali got off her swing and sat down in the grass. She thought of it as her garden because it was full of all kinds of wildflowers, and all different colors.
Kyle loved to roll around, and Cali always wanted him to come to her garden. But he only sat out there if his mommy or daddy were holding him.

Her eyes started getting sleepy and she yawned a big yawn, but she didn't want to fall asleep because she didn't want to miss GOD when he came to answer her questions.

Lightly she started singing one of Kyles favorite songs. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine"
As she got to the end her eyes got even heavier and she started to fall asleep. As she lay sleeping she started to dream.
Her eyes opened slowly like she was waking up, but she didn't know if it was still a dream. Her eyes got really big, she couldn't believe what they were seeing! There were so many different things, places and people in one place. She had never seen something like this before. A park, school , churches houses, kids, grown-ups, animals and ANGELS.
"Real Angels?" she said to herself.
"Yes Cali, they are real." a mans voice replied.
Cali turned around and a man was standing there. "Are you.... are you GOD?" she could hardly talk.
"Yes sweet child, and I heard from some Angels that you have some questions for me." he spoke so lightly, yet Cali could hear every word. " Come here precious one," God patted his lap.
It was buried under clothing that looked like it was glowing. Cali slowly got on his lap. It felt just like fluffy pillows to her.
"Have you seen Kyle yet?" He asked with a big smile.
"WHERE!" she shouted with excitement. "How did you know?" Cali started to ask.
"I know all my childrens names and all that they do." the LORD replied. " Before we're done talking, I'll take you to go see him, though now I'll answer your questions.

He put his arms around her, and he started answering her questions, she couldn't believe he remembered all of them.
"I sent Kyle to earth sick so he could help teach the doctors about different illnesses, to help them find cures for other children, to teach others to except people that are different. And to show others the beauty of the things in life."
"He will be remembered as a GUIDE."

"So see Cali, I have a plan for all of you. Kyle was to help others understand better, see things in diffrent ways they've never been seen, show his family what strength, courage and happiness really means."
"For this he will be remembered as a "TEACHER." the LORD said proudly.

Then as promised the LORD took her to see Kyle. "He's Walking, He's Talking, He's Playing!" she screamed with joy. Kyle turned and seen Cali, he smiled a huge smile and excitedly waved.

All of a sudden she was back in the field lying down. She sat up fast, and looked around and then looked up in the sky. There was the most beautiful rainbow she had ever seen. Cali felt better inside, yet a little confused.
"Was it a dream?" she asked herself, then she got up and went home.

(this was written by: Jennifer L. Harris, Kody's Mommy) dedicated to Katie Weatherbee, Kody's cousin who was grief stricken by his death as were his sister Jazmine, and other cousins...Kyrie Weatherbee, Sandy, Judy & Jerry Copenhaver

~1996~ KODY LEE HARRIS ~1999~

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~ You'll miss all the fun when you are gone...
~ Even though you left a piece of you to carry on.

~ As life will go on without you Dear....
~ A part of you will always be near.

~ The time you've spent with all of us and your friends...
~ will always be full of memories...
~ that will never end.

~ When you go to the world above....

~ remember Son....

~ You'll always be Loved.

~~ SAD And ALONE ~~

Written by Jennifer 3/2/93

When I am listening to what you have to say
I feel for you...
though I forget about it by the end of the day.

I see you sad and I feel bad....
but I forget about it
and think of the day I've had.

I know you need a little help
but I thought you'd feel better
if you did it by yourself.

You experienced a terrible defeat
And I really didn't care...
I just said, "You'll get back on your feet".

You then put your head on my shoulder...
and began to cry
And I said, "stop crying or at least try".

The crying stopped as you looked up at me
and finally I could see...
What you now needed was help from me.

I held out my hand as I sat down to listen,
at that same time I realized I cared...
and I really listened.

I'm sorry you've felt sad and alone
Her reply back to me was in a gentle sweet tone
She said, "I'm going now to Heaven
the place I'll call home
Where I'll never feel sad, afraid or alone".

Her grip loosened and her body went weak,
as She said to me, "Thank you for listening"
before her eyes closed and she drifted
into an endless sleep.

This is a sad story, yes indeed.
Just remember to listen for someone in need.
Just one ear is all you need to listen to
starting with me.


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