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I Am A Stand~Up Comedian
I Do My Comedy Acts
In Clubs All
Through Out The
Pacific Northwest

And I Am A Man Of...

Many Faces...Voices

And Talents!

Besides Being A Comic...

I Write Songs

Sing and Play The Guitar

and Violin.(sorta...Mom made me do it!)

she's forgiven....
cuz it loosened up the
Ol' fingers for the GUITAR!

I Am Also A...
Pretty Darn Good
Graphic Artist!

I Guess You Could Say...

My Talent For Making Faces

Started At A

Very Early Age.

my mom said I
looked handsome
I thought I looked
like a geek!

This Was The Begining...

Of My Many Faces.


YA Know....

Being So Talented

and Trying To Keep Up

With The Night Life

Has Kinda Taken

It's Toll On Me!

This Is What I Looked Like...

Before I Got Into

This Line Of Work

And Now....?

Only 3 Years Later!!!

It's A Hard...

Hard Life!

Alot Of The Clubs

I've Had To Work In...

Put Up Chicken Wire

To Protect Us Comedians!!!

Course That Was Before...

I Became A Handsome Star Attraction

Like I Am Now.

The Babe's Just LUV Me!


They Can't Keep Their

Hands Off This "BOD" Of Mine!





I Guess I'll Tell You

A Little More About Myself

And I Guess I

Had Better Introduce You

To My Folks.

I Was Born In The

Great State Of Idaho

But Have Lived All Of

My Life In Washington State.

I Graduated High School At

Kamiakin High School 1993.
I Attended and Graduated
From Central College 2000
In The Wonderful City Of Seattle.

This Is Where I Also
Learned Another Professional Trade...
"Specializing In Editing & Making

For Your Business, Family
And Now I'll

Introduce You To My Family...

This is my Dad...

He's a Real Cool Dude!!!

A Real Laid Back Kind
Of Guy
He's A Professional

Hair Stylist in

Whenachee Washington...

he's a little backwoodsy
but a Darn Good
Hair Stylist!
You Might Say...
I Get My Sense Of
Humor from Him.

My Mom Is Always Saying...

You're SOoo Much

Like You're Father!!!

...I Sure Don't See

The Connection.

And This Is...

My OHhh SOooo
C ~O ~O ~L

My Mom is known as...
"The Family"
even as much
as she works
she's always
had time for me
and supports me
in all that I've wanted to do.


This Is The Baby Of
The Family...
Known As
"Our Evil Kneival"
but a Darn Good

C ~O ~O ~L
Dude Brother!

Tom Races
"All Over The"
"Great Northwest!"

And He's Pretty Darn
Good At It Too...
Even Though I Do Say So!
I Have To Admit...
He has More Guts Than I Do,
Well...When It Comes To
Racin' Dirt Bikes anyway!


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