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Debra    Bratton

I was born 28 Feb.1953 in GreatFalls Mont. to Russell Edward Bratton and Mary Ella Stewart. I lived most of my life in Lewiston,Idaho. I went to Orchard Elementry School, Jennifer Junior High and Lewiston Senior High Schools. I was lucky enough to be raised in the country, with fields and orchards to play in. Our town is located in a deep valley on two rivers (Snake & Clearwater Rivers). The seasons of the year were perfect! Not too hot to make you miserable, but warm enough to enjoy the summer. The winters were cold enough to get snow, to enjoy the Holidays, but not make it unbearable. We often went picnicing, mushrooming, fishing and camping at these rivers or the nearby Waha and Winchester Lakes. I am Greatful to my parents, Russell and Ella Bratton for the sacrafices they made for me and for All the things they taught me! I am dedicating my Geneology Pages to them. I know they would be excited about all the research that I have found on their Ancestors. I wish they could be with me now, so I could see their expressions on their faces on each new thing I uncover! Here's to you Dad and Mom...I Love You and Miss You!...

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I hope you enjoy my page and hopefully you may make a Family Connection! Surnames~Weatherbee~Harris~Doty~Moser~Hudlow~Ferguson~Bratton~Mccord~Williams~Calhoun~Crawford~Trimble~Stewart~Hayes~Stuart~Humphreys~Jensen~Richardson~Christiansen~Grogan~Brown~Copenhaver~Knittel~Stover


BRATTON FAMILY TREE: geneology page ~Bratton~Mccord~Cracraft~Stewart~Stuart~Hayes~Calhoun~Brunson~Williams~ Crawford~Trimble
†Ella's Page† : geneology page ~Stewart~Hayes~Stuart~ Bratton~Christiansen~Grogan
~† Michael's Family †~: wedding pictures
† JEN'S PAGE †: poems and stories written by Jen
~† TINA CHRISTIANSEN'S SITE †: at ~ Christiansen ~ Barklow ~ Graham
KatieBugs Page: Cute!!!... she made it herself

††† I Will Be Adding Family Surnames Links To See... To Connect Each Family

~ married ~

Jan 1,1972 Lewiston,Idaho


#1.~ † MICHAEL CURTISS WEATHERBEE ~bn~ July 13,1972 Oak Harbor,Island Co. Wash

Father: ~ Bryan John Weatherbee ~bn~ Sept 10,1952 Ontario, Canada

SPOUSE: ~ Crystal Eve Stewart~ marr:~ March 31,2001 Richland, Wash

#2.~ † NICOLE YVONNE WEATHERBEE ~b~ Oct 1,1974 Richland, Wash

FATHER: ~ Bryan John Weatherbee

Children of Nicole:

#1.~ Kathleen Kaylee Weatherbee ~bn~ Aug 26,1992 Lasvegas,Clark Co. Nv

Father of Kathleen: Robert Essary

#2.~ Michael Curtis Allen Atchison ~bn~ May 26,1994 Lewiston, Idaho

Father of Michael Curtis: Tim Atchison

#.~ Kyrie Raven Dawn Weatherbee ~bn~ March 12,1997 Lewiston, Idaho

Father of Kyrie: Robert Beeson

#3.~ † JENNIFER LEE WEATHERBEE/McGEE/HARRIS ~bn~ April 10,1977 Lewiston, Nezperce Co. Idaho

FATHER: ~ Ted Leroy McGee ~bn~ March 2,1954

SPOUSE: ~ Kevin Dale Harris Jr. ~bn~ Aug 19,1978 Couer d'lene,Idaho ~ marr: ~ Aug 23,1997 Lasvegas,Clark Co.Nev

Children of Jennifer and Kevin:

#1.~ Kody Lee Harris ~bn~ June 26,1996 Lasvegas,Nv ~died~ Dec 2,1999 Lasvegas,Nv ~buried~ Dec 6,1999 N.W.Palm Cemetery,Lasvegas,Nv

#2.~ Jazmine Cheyenne Harris ~bn~ April 19,1998 Lasvegas,Nv

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